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"Unlike the Mask of Disguise, this spell actually allows me to cast away the guise of death for a time, allowing me to walk among the living undisturbed. The spell also provides a visage of nobility, for there are many who would easily divulge more to those of highborn blood."
―Kain — Listen (file info)

The Blood Fountain that upgrades the Mask of Disguise to Beguile.

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Beguile, also known as Beguile Form, was an ability acquired by Kain over the course of Blood Omen.

Beguile was effectively an upgrade of Kain's Disguise Form (which Kain was unable to use after gaining Beguile). The spell, though counted as a 'Form' did not actually transform Kain at all, instead it allowed Kain to cast off the visage of death, and appear to other characters as a Human nobleman.

When travelling to Willendorf, Kain found that the walled city only allowed those of noble blood inside it walls. Kain was therefore forced to investigate Willendorf's nearby Provincial Mines, where he found a tomb containing an ancestor of Willendorf's King Ottmar and a blood fountain which 'upgraded the Disguise Form to the Beguile ability, allowing Kain to enter Willendorf City and gain an audience with Ottmar.

The Beguile Form featured slightly different icons than its predecessor, Disguise, featuring a small 'shield' in the top corner to distinguish the two, Kain also had a 'mask' icon above his head when using this spell. When using the Beguile Form, Kain was able to attack enemies, without reprisal (unless he attacked Human guards).


Kain hints in his description of the form that he actually casts off the "guise of death". This may mean that the "visage of nobility" this form brings may actually be as a result of Kain's noble blood. Kain is not shown to physically transform - merely peoples perception of him changes - It is unclear if they would see the lighter skinned, white armored Kain from the opening.

Daniel Cabuco disclosed that there was a plan for Kain to walk among humans undetected in Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy, with only sunlight directly exposing his evolved vampiric form.[1]


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