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Kain had lightning and a teleportation ability, which for gameplay purposes in Defiance, we turned into the mist form. Kain had a whole host of spells from Blood Omen that I wanted to kind of re-do for the next game (flay for example). It's thought that he didn't really need many of the spells though, since he was so tough (and had the Soul Reaver) For Dark Prophecy, I wanted him to come back with his beast and wolf forms, as well as mind control, and the ability to look human. (His skin would reveal it's elder look in direct sunlight).
Daniel Cabuco[1]

Concept of Kain´s Beast form by Daniel Cabuco

The Beast mode was a cut ability which was meant to be included in Legacy of Kain: Dark Prophecy according to Daniel Cabuco, along with other returning abilities. It is unknown how the beast would have worked in the game .[1]

In this form Kain has prolonged arms and legs which enable him to walk on his toes. He also appears to have retained his clothing and exhibits facial hair on his chin. Kain´s ears have prolonged shape and his appearance resembles that of a werewolf.


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