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Barmaids, also known by their debug title "bmad", were a Human NPC class encountered in Blood Omen 2. They were incredibly rare and could be seen on only two occasions throughout the game.


Kain could first encounter the Barmaid NPC class in Chapter 3: The Lower City. After passing through the Ducket's Traders Warehouse and the sewers, Kain could re-emerge on the 'Main Street' on a square with a prominent guillotine and the 'Play House' (presumably a theatre). Nearby a small shop with a glass frontage and a curious "npoekt" sign could be entered and it was shown to contain the first of these NPC's, standing behind a bar[Blood Omen 2].

The Barmaid class would not be seen again until Chapter 10:the The Wharves. After encountering the Gunship along the waterfront, Kain was able to enter a small tavern (marked with a 'goblin' face with an ale tankard). Inside the tavern, Kain could find the second and final Barmaid behind the bar, along with two industrial workers[Blood Omen 2].


  • Barmaids are one of the few classes that was not formally identified in any scripts or guides. Only careful observation of the NPC classes in the game reveals their subtly different attire and closer inspection reveals they have a distinct debug coding "Bmad". The "Barmaid" title is therefore conjecture based upon the apparent 'occupation' of the two women seen (given that debug message titles are usually abbreviated from longer, more formal titles - see other BO2 NPC classes).
  • Curiously the "npoekt" shop where the first Barmaid is seen is highlighted in concept art shown during the Blood Omen 2 credits, despite being somewhat unassuming and 'unimportant' in the game. There is also a Lore Coffer in the store[Blood Omen 2].