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Balance was a sphere of metaphysical law within Nosgoth, and one of the nine magical principles harnessed and governed by the Pillars of Nosgoth. As the hub of the magical principles of the Pillars it regulated the other principles and was associated with the elemental force of Spirit.


The Pillars diagram linking Nosgoth's magical principles.

As a magical and metaphysical fundament, Balance was effectively made manifest everywhere in Nosgoth, but was most prominently and saliently represented by the Pillar of Balance, which was raised before Nosgoth's recorded history.[Blood Omen/9][Soul Reaver 2] The Pillar, like its eight counterparts, was intrinsically linked to the health of Nosgoth, and was protected by the Balance Guardian, who served as a personification of the principle.[1] At least four Balance Guardians were known to exist: the original Guardian, the martyred guardian, Ariel and Kain.[Soul Reaver 2][Blood Omen][2]



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