Havoc and Malice were a pair of twin axes stolen from Malek's Bastion by Kain as a fledgeling vampire during the events of Blood Omen. The axes were cumbersome to wield and prevented Kain from casting magic or using items, they allowed him to attack in a relentless savage flurry and cut down obstacles in his path. It is unknown what happened to them following the events of Blood Omen.

Like the Spiked Mace, these weapons served a dual function of environmental manipulation in addition to fighting. Where the Mace was used to smash rocks, the axes could cut down some trees.

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"Havoc and Malice, their presence in my hands keeps me from employing magic, yet rest assured they do little to hamper my relish for slaughter."
―Kain — Listen (file info)[src]

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