Demon Hunter Attack Dogs also known simply as Attack Dogs, were canine enemies featured in Soul Reaver 2. They were affiliated with the Demon hunters and were encountered in the Demon infested post-Blood Omen era.


Demon hunter attack dogs were Demon hunter affiliated canine enemies with white and orange (or 'red') fur. They wore a spiked helmet and collar, with which they could attack, primarily by charging (and possibly biting) at Raziel. The attack dogs were fairly minor enemies, with little health and weak attacks, though they were incredibly fast and were able to sense Raziel's presence (possibly by scent) at longer distances than other enemies[1][SR2].[2]

On their own, attack dogs were little threat to Raziel and their tendency to run towards Raziel as soon as they detected him often put them in this position, However, the dogs were likely to be accompanied by other Demon hunter enemies and their charge could alert other Demon hunter troops to investigate; when teamed with other Demon hunter troops (and Demons) in group battles, the dogs and their speed could become a major nuisance[SR2].[2]

Raziel encountered Demon hunter attack dogs in the Demon infested post-Blood Omen era, first meeting them along with other Demon hunter enemies nearby the Pillars, he would encounter them again inside Uschtenheim and in the mountains area nearby.[SR2] The Dogs were presumably bred and trained by the Demon hunters to assist in their crusades against the demon hordes.


  • Demon hunter attack dogs are referred to as "avhdog" in games files[SR2].
  • Attack dogs have the same 'yellow-sphere' soul as humans.[SR2]


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