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The agents of the Elder God appeared throughout the Legacy of Kain series. Several disparate groups and individuals throughout Nosgoth's history could be characterized as willing servants of the Elder God, though few were fully aware of his true form and ultimate intentions.

The Elder's clandestine influence pervaded much of the land. It manifested in figures such as Janos Audron, Moebius, and Raziel, and also dominated entire cultures in the Material Realm, such as the Ancient vampires' civilization and the ancient, primitive cult. However, it was most pronounced in the Spectral Realm, where the Elder's minions, the Archons and tentacles, held sway.


"Go, then, Raziel. Seek Kain out and destroy him, in the name of the One God we both serve.
You, who were once a Sarafan priest – murdered, profaned, destroyed and reborn again from His mercy...
You are now most powerfully equipped to be His agent – His instrument of restoration and retribution."
―Moebius — Listen (file info)[src]

The Elder God's symbol in Legacy of Kain: Defiance.