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Absorbing Veins[1][2] was an ability demonstrated by Kain in Blood Omen 2. Each time Kain defeated a 'traitor' Vampire in a boss battle, he was able to "absorb their veins[1]" and thus gain new Dark Gifts.

Umah first taught Kain about this ability in the prologue before Chapter 1:the Slums, telling him that if he should be victorious in an encounter with the vampires that served the Sarafan, then he would be able to "absorb their veins and thus gain new abilities";[1] new Dark Gifts.

Kain was able to use this ability on four occasions;

On each occasion a glowing and sparkling outline of humanoid shape would 'rise' from the victim, eventually being drawn into Kain.


  • The 'outline' seen when Kain 'absorbs veins' is generic and does not change for each vampire.
  • There is some confusion as to what exactly is happening when Kain 'absorbs veins', the given title of the experience seems to suggest that it is a part of Kain's need to consume Blood, however the 'outline' seems not enter Kain's through mouth, rather going into his chest.
  • The process of absorbing the veins of vampires also highly resembles the actions seen when Raziel consumed his brothers' souls in Soul Reaver (sometime referred to as 'absorbing souls[8]') ; Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Silicon Knights FAQ also implied that Vorador was able to 'read his victims thoughts' whilst drinking their blood;[9] an ability Kain himself later demonstrates. It may be that the 'outline' is the victims consciousness, of some sort.


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