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The Injured Cabal Vampire (referred to in scripts simply as "Cabal Vampire" [1] ) is an unnamed Vampire who is a member of the Cabal in Blood Omen 2 . Besides Umah, Vorador and Kain; he is the only member of the Cabal to speak any lines in Blood Omen 2 .


As with all vampires of the Era following Blood Omen, the unnamed 'injured' cabal vampire was likely sired by Vorador at some point in the Era following Blood Omen,[2] though it is unclear if he was a participant in Kain's vampire army or was turned later.

After Kain's revival, the "Cabal Vampire" was first seen severely injured in the cutscene at the end of Chapter 3:The Lower City . Kain had followed Umah's trail of Cabal contacts to findSanctuary beneath the Blue Lady Curios and finally met the leader of the Cabal, Vorador. As Kain and Vorador 'reminisced' they were interrupted by a heavily injured Cabal Vampire, who described how on a mission to the Industrial Quarter, Umah had been captured by the Sarafan [1][Blood Omen 2].

the Cabal Vampire told Vorador that Umah had discovered something significant in the Main Factory of the Industrial Quarter, whilst he had stood guard outside. Before Umah had been able to reveal what she had found she was captured by the Sarafan knights and, confronted by guards the Cabal Vampire had barely been able to escape with his life. The recovery of Umah's information motivated Kain to attempt a rescue of Umah in Chapter 5:The Sarafan Keep; beginning with Kain's journey to the Upper City in Chapter 4 to find the secret entrance to the Sarafan Keep from the Bishop of Meridian[3][Blood Omen 2].

The "Cabal Vampire" recovered

Later on in Blood Omen 2, The Cabal Vampire can be seen (recovered from his injuries) in the cutscene at the end of Chapter 9: the Device when Kain returned to Sanctuary with Janos Audron and informed the Cabal of the threat posed by the Hylden Gate[Blood Omen 2]. On this occasion he has no lines[Blood Omen 2].

After this point, the fate of the cabal vampire (and indeed all of the minor cabal vampires) is unclear. Despite Vorador planning to "prepare our forces for the final attack",[4] when Kain deactivates the Shield Generator in Chapter 11: The Hylden City, only Janos and Vorador teleport in and no other cabal vampires join them. Ultimately it is unknown whether, as Umah feared, Kain hunted down the remains of the Cabal in the events of Soul Reaver..[5]


  • The 'Injured Cabal Vampire' character model (far right) at the Battle of Meridian

    Like many of the Cabal Vampires it is unclear if the 'injured' cabal vampire was a part of Kain's vampire army or if he was even a vampire at the time of the war. A figure greatly apparently sharing the Cabal Vampire's character model is seen in the Blood Omen 2 intro video as part of Kain's Vampire Army at the battle of Meridian[Blood Omen 2], however Vorador seems to be the only member of the Cabal recognised by Kain.[6] This may imply, given the Vampires seen accompanying him, that the figure in the opening video is intended to be a pre-mutilation Magnus .


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