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The Scimitar is a weapon wielded by Kain in Blood Omen 2[1].


The Scimitar was a curved sword, comparable to the "LSword", but faster and doing more damage, it was first found in the Industrial Quarter in the hands ofMercenaries . The Scimitars Stealth kills included slitting the victim's stomach and driving the sword through the back of the skull so it protruded through the mouth. Grab Attacks included pommeling the victims face and impaling them.

Kain wielding the Scimitar


  • Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide does not distinguish between the different sword variants and it names the Scimitar simply as a "Sword"[2]. In-game debug information also presents the Scimitar as a Long Sword variant, calling it "Lsword2" (the Long Sword was "Lsword")
  • In the real world, Icon-Wikipedia.pngScimitars are single bladed swords (i.e. only one side of the sword is sharp), yet Kain wields the Scimitar as though it has two, using the same animations as the Long Sword; this is particularly evident in Stealth Kills, where Kain cuts with the blunted edge.



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