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The Long Axe also known as the Great Axe[1] or Two Handed Axe,[2] was a weapon wielded by Kain in Blood Omen 2.[3]

The Long Axe first appeared in Chapter 4: the Upper City, where Kain's attempts to locate the Bishop of Meridian led him to the Bishop's Manor. Just before he discovered theBishop's Butler, Kain was attacked by a new enemy class - a Sarafan Knight. Once Kain had defeated the Knight he could pick up and use the "devastating"[2] weapon.

The Long Axe, sheathed on Kain's back

From this point on, the Long Axe was frequently seen in the hands of the Sarafan Knights and was often featured in locations with a Sarafan presence such as Chapter 5:The Sarafan Keep, Chapter 6:The Industrial Quarter, Chapter 7:The Canyons and Chapter 10:the Wharves.

The Long Axe was a quick and very powerful weapon that shared many attacks with quicker and weaker variant, the Short Axe. The Stealth kills of the Long Axe included a decapitation and a jumping downward smash to the back. Its Grabbed Attack included Pommeling the opponents face and (instant kill) decapitation. Like Broadswords, the Long Axe was incredibly useful because of its instant-kill grab, which could not be used against enemies with protective shoulder pads (Sarafan knights and Glyph knights) or those that could not be grabbed (such as Demon spiders)[Blood Omen 2].


  • The Long Axe, like many of the weapons in Blood Omen 2, is unnamed in-game. Player guides generally use length to distinguish the two Axe designs (Long Axe/Short Axe or Great Axe[1]/Small Axe[4]); Prima's Blood Omen 2 Guide refers to the Long Axe as the "two-handed axe"[2] and the smaller variant as simply "an Axe".[5] In-game debug information labels the Long Axe "Hax"[Blood Omen 2].



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